Brand Strategy
July 20, 2021


FentCheck is a harm reduction nonprofit based in Oakland, California. They envision a world where no American dies from a fentanyl overdose.

Maura Fitzpatrick
Brand Strategist


How do we combat the Fentanyl epidemic, without judging drug users?

The fact of the matter is that people are taking party drugs and dropping dead. An alarming number of drugs like cocaine, MDMA, and even weed are being laced with fentanyl. It killed more than 366,000 people in 2019. FentCheck is dedicated to combating this crisis.

FentCheck's solution is simple: Get fentanyl test strips into bars across San Francisco. It's not about judgement. It's not even about rehabilitation. It's simply about surviving the night.

Brand Strategy

Brand Statement

We want you to survive the night

FentCheck is a harm reduction nonprofit based in San Francisco. We provide fentanyl test strips and education to recreational drug users. Simply, our goal is to get test strips into bars and restaurants across the

We speak with a sincere and non-judgmental voice. We help them feel savvy about drug safety and we equip them to educate their peers about fentanyl testing. We believe that providing access to fentanyl test strips will help recreational drug users survive the night.

We aim to make drug user more self aware about the increasing prevalence of fentanyl in party drugs. We partner with local artists, activists, and community leaders to remove the stigma of drug testing.

Brand Attributes

This we believe

During the strategy workshop, we reflected on FentCheck's perception of themselves. We listed several dozen adjectives to describe their values, audience, voice, feelings, impact, and x-factor.

Target Audiences

Yes, we're talking to you

FentCheck was asked to list their three top target audiences, as they relate to their needs. Their most pressing need was getting test strips into the hands of drug users, so they dedicated the first audience personas to service users. Their second most pressing need was recruiting volunteers. They dedicated their third audience persona to their ideal donor.

The Service User

The Volunteer

The Ideal Donor

Brand Story

Be the guide, not the hero

Nonprofits too often position themselves as the hero of the story. It is far better to position yourself as a guide to the hero. Based on Donald Miller's book Building a Story Brand, we crafted a "story" that positioned the primary target audience as the hero, and FentCheck as the guide.

Marketing Plan

Fancing meeting you here

We know who we want to reach. We know what we want them to act on. We even know how we would like to talk to them. But how do we catch their attention, pique their interest, build their trust, and earn their loyalty? A marketing funnel helps us understand how to do just that.

Marketing Funnel

User Journey

Content ideas

Brand Positioning and Marketing Deck

Put it all together

Using the insights from the brand audit, strategy workshop, and personal research, we created a comprehensive brand positioning and marketing deck. This deck is an anchor for any marketing or fundraising campaign. They can use this deck to create relevant social media posts, apply for grants,  hire a web designer, and so much more.

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