July 22, 2021

Fairchild Educational Services

Fairchild Educational Services is a tutoring organization based just outside of Washington D.C. They envision a world where every student feels confident while they learn.

Maura Fitzpatrick
Brand Strategist


How might we promote excellence and self-confidence in students?

Fairchild Educational Services (FES) knows how to prepare kids for a top college education. They understand what is takes to be considered a qualified candidate. From basic school subjects to AP courses to SAT/ACT prep, FES gives their students the tools and learning environment they need to thrive.

Excellence, however, can often come with a price. As college admissions become more and more competitive, students feel pressured to perform at even younger ages. This intense pressure has proven to have a detrimental impact on student mental health and, subsequently, their capacity to learn. FES cares deeply about protecting student mental health, and believes that self-confidence is the number one contributor to academic success.

Brand Strategy

Brand Statement

Success is more than a college acceptance letter

Fairchild Educational Services is a tutoring practice based in Washington D.C. dedicated to helping students of all ages embrace their unique learning style. We partner with experienced tutors to provide a learning experience that is highly customized, compassionate, and deeply meaningful.

We believe that kids perform their best when they feel good about themselves. To us, success is more than a college acceptance letter. It’s about self-confidence and understanding how to advocate for yourself in an academic setting.

Brand Attributes

This we believe

During the strategy workshop, we reflected on Fairchild's perception of themselves. We listed several dozen adjectives to describe their values, audience, voice, feelings, impact, and x-factor.

Target Audiences

Yes, we're talking to you

FES was asked to list their three top target audiences, as they relate to their needs. Their most pressing need was service users, so they dedicated the first two audience personas to potential clients. Their second most pressing need was recruiting college interns. They dedicated their third audience persona to their ideal college intern.

The Typical Client

The Ideal Client

The Intern

Brand Story

Be the guide, not the hero

Nonprofits too often position themselves as the hero of the story. It is far better to position yourself as a guide to the hero. Based on Donald Miller's book Building a Story Brand, we crafted a "story" that positioned the primary target audience as the hero, and Fairchild Educational Services as the guide.

Marketing Plan

Fancing meeting you here

We know who we want to reach. We know what we want them to act on. We even know how we would like to talk to them. But how do we catch their attention, pique their interest, build their trust, and earn their loyalty? A marketing funnel helps us understand how to do just that.

Marketing Funnel

User Journey

Content ideas

Brand Positioning and Marketing Deck

Put it all together

Using the insights from the brand audit, strategy workshop, and personal research, we created a comprehensive brand positioning and marketing deck. This deck is an anchor for any marketing or fundraising campaign. They can use this deck to create relevant social media posts, apply for grants,  hire a web designer, and so much more.

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